Transportation Projects                           

Jadra Viaduct: Khalde-Zahrani Highway
Southern Beirut, Lebanon. 1999

The project consists of the design of a 205m long viaduct, 2 by 3 lanes with a central arch that spans over 65m. The project construction costs are estimated at 4 millions USD.

BTUTP responsibilities included the geotechnical and geological investigations, preliminary design and execution drawings.





Sir-Jbab El-Homr Hermel Road 
North Lebanon and Bekaa. 1997-1999

The project included the final design and the tender document of the  57 km long Sir-Jbab El-Homr-Hermel road (including a 70m span bridge). The area is subject to frequent freezing during winter which required a special pavement design. The project construction costs were estimated at 35 millions USD.

BTUTP responsibilities included a topographical survey, geotechnical and geological investigations, traffic survey, OD feasibility study, preliminary design, preparation of expropriation decree & files, final design and tender documents.


Zahrani-Naqoura Highway
Southern Lebanon. 1994-1997

The project consists of a 58 km of Highway with 2 by 3 lanes, 6 interchanges, 23 overpasses, 21 underpasses and 5 viaducts. The total viaducts decks area is around 44,000 m�. The construction estimated value is around 325 millions USD.

BTUTP responsibilities included topographical survey, geotechnical investigation, preliminary design, execution drawings, tender documents, expropriation decrees and files.


The Saida Hariri Boulevard
 Saida, South Lebanon. 1988

The Study developed a preliminary design for the 5 km sea front road linking the northern and southern entrances of the city of Saida across the commercial harbor and its ancient historical city. It included sea protection works, a mini-tunnel, a parking lot, and utilities such as sewers, telephone, water, electricity, and lighting. The project costs were estimated at 50 millions USD.

BTUTP responsibilities included Topographical Survey, Preliminary design, Construction Cost Estimate, Environmental and Social Impacts.

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Khalde-Zahrani Highway

Sir-Jbab El-Homr Hermel Road 


Zahrani-Naqoura Highway

Hariri Boulevard

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