Sewerage, Sanitary and Storm                 

Beirut Suburbs Utilities Upgrading
Beirut Southern Suburbs, Lebanon. 1994-1996

The project aimed at the rehabilitation of Beirut southern suburbs' roads and utilities (drainage, sewerage, water supply, telephone conduits and street lighting). It extended over an area of 3,000ha and included 700,000 inhabitants.

BTUTP responsibilities included a concept preparation, preliminary design, tender documents, execution drawings, and supervision of the first tendered lots. The project cost is estimated at 300 millions USD.


Coastal Main Sanitary Sewer Pipe
Saida, South Lebanon. 1988-1990

The project included the preliminary and final design and the tender document for nearly 5 km of main sanitary sewer lines of 400-900 mm diameter.

The project also included a preliminary study of a wastewater treatment plant and the sea out-falls: site selection, trade-off between length of sea out-falls, type and degree of treatment.


Saida Storm Sewer System
South Lebanon. 1986

The project aimed at developing a storm sewer master plan for the city of Saida and its suburbs conforming to existing and future land use plans.

The project cost estimate is around 20 millions USD.


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Beirut Suburbs

Coastal Main Sanitary Sewer Pipe

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