Recreational Developments


Manara Promenade
Beirut, Lebanon. 2000

Manara Promenade, located on the Beirut Sea front along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea is very well known as a public place for promenade and sport activities.

The study included a preliminary design of the sea front promenade that could enlarge pedestrian and recreational areas. The proposed intervention includes: covered swimming pools, restaurants, shops, aquariums, boats with a marina, a fisherman wharf, parking area and many other water and non-water leisure facilities.

The project was commissioned by the Beirut municipality with a total cost of 50 million USD.




Tourist Resort in Mhailib
South Lebanon. 1993

The project included the preliminary design of a tourist resort on an overall area of 63,000m�. The resort included a wide array of facilities: 267 chalets, 1,000 cabins, 350 parking spots, one health club, swimming pools, a mini-golf course, a marina, and others (35,000m� of total built up area).






Jounieh-Harissah, Lebanon. 1965

The design of the telefrique of Harissah was one of the earliest projects undertaken by the firm. The lower station is located on the sea shore level in Jounieh. The telefrique takes the tourist up the hill to Harissah, the view is marvelous: slopes and peaks covered by pine forests, the sea and the shoreline of Jounieh bay.



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Manara Promenade

Sea Side Activities Mhailib

Telefrique Jounieh-Harissah

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